Monday, March 17, 2014


Happy St. Patty's Day everybody. I hope you are all acting like idiots. Uh, I have been working on my Graphic Novella (above: a one panel excerpt from won't actually be coloured like this) and have also been doing some music and beer-related artwork recently:

Here is the cover of Friendly Rich's soon to be released CD Bountiful.

And out soon from 845 AudioJason Kahn/Tim Olive, Two Sunrise


Here is the poster I made for this year's Kazoo! Fest in Guelph, Ontario. 

And the cover for Start Something's debut 7 inch recording from Mammoth Cave Recording Co. 

There are thousands of these coasters produced by Wellington all over the place: sitting on tables in bars and in bar storage rooms and in the garbages everywhere all over Ontario. Maybe outside Ontario too? I don't know. Get one while you can. 

At first I thought the Welly Duck wasn't interesting enough and so I put together this coaster instead.....and then went back to the original design. Ok? Ok. 

Monday, December 16, 2013




Everywhere else please purchase here.

By Rupert Bottenberg and Marc Bell. Nicely printed with 4 colour riso on thick stock by Paper Pusher. Suitable for kids of all ages!

This is the follow up to the first ARBEITEES (1996, Crunchy Comics). 

5" h. x 7" w. 

12 interior colour pages. Coloured by Kirsten McCrea

The image shows one of the original files. Hand printed riso images can shift slightly.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


-I drew this label for a "one off" Wellington Brewery ESB. It's called Quick Brown Fox (jumps over the lazy dog). The name is a pangram (see link). I am hoping next time they might let me do a Both Fickle Dwarves Jinx My Pink Quiz spiced strawberry ale (that is another pangram in case you are wondering).

 -I was recently interviewed by Xavier Guilbert for du9 from France. It's also on their site in French, naturellement!

-I recently put together a publication called Boutique Mag #1. The printer printed them but they were not up to Boutique-y standards and so I rejected them. Hopefully it will see the light of day soon. Also, I have a few odds and ends to add to my Etsy site. Stay tuned??

-If you are in Toronto be sure to check out my upcoming show in the project space at Cooper Cole. As far as I know it is opening on November 8th, 2013. Pictured above is a drawing called "No Jabronis".

-The John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygen, WI is hosting a group show called AAIEE! featuring some of my work. If that weren't enough it is actually a side exhibition related to the exhibition Ray Yoshida's Museum of Extraordinary Values. It is a great honour to be included. 

-Also, I am part of a group show in London, Ontario called L.O. Today. It includes some of my peers, such as Amy Lockhart, Jason McLean and Billy Bert Young. There are some other things going on but that is enough for now.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I use Grammarly's online proofreader because when I actually want to spell soemthing right it does the trick. Whoops.*

*Grammarly's online proofreader was not used in the creation of this post, unfortunateley.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Cowabunga Schnauzer
(Belly Wot Leaflet 2013, Special Large-ish issue)
Marc Bell
Half World Books
10.5” tall x 8” wide, 20 pages (12 in colour)
First printing, limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies

This item will ship around (or after) May13th!


Marc drew a series of comics for Maisoneuve last year and these are all in here in full colour. Also, Cowabunga Schnauzer features several thoughtfully arranged details from new artworks including “Mr. Giant Stroller”, “Lucy Honeychurch”, “On/Off Solo Schnauzer Live!” as well as a re-worked text piece based on a story about M.J. and his personal physician. As if that were not enough Half World Books arranged to print a modified version of Marc’s appearance in the March 2013 issue of Esquire UK. Printed in a very limited edition of 100 for the occasion of Marc’s appearance at TCAF this year, Cowabunga Schnauzer Promises you that: “Heavens to Murgatroid, this Place is Filled with Art Animals”.

Contact for shipping outside of the areas specified.

Monday, February 18, 2013

ATTN: PRADA fans in the UK

Look, Mumsy, I am in the UK edition of Esquire. The March issue. I will attempt to procure you a copy. Anyway, yeah, so photographer Bela Borsodi combined parts of drawings by myself and a couple other guys (Basil Wolverton and Rick Griffin) with several expensive clothing items. Pictured here is my my work combined with a "brown and white leather small messenger bag" by PRADA.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

LUCY HONEYCHURCH (Classic Uptight Pantaloons)

Lucy Honeychurch (Classic Uptight Pantaloons), 2012
Ink on paper, 18” x 24”